UE Systems is the world leader in providing ultrasonic instruments & training solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs.

Ultrasound technology is especially useful when finding compressed air leaks, being currently the most efficient and safe method of detecting compressed air leaks, leading to very significant energy savings – since it is estimated that, in average, industry wastes 30% of generated compressed air to leaks.

With more than 40 years of experience developing ultrasonic instruments and implementing the technology in energy saving programs all over the world, UE Systems is the ideal partner for maintenance teams looking to develop a compressed air management program. We provide high quality and precise instruments, the right training solutions and license-free software to create report on your compressed air leak survey, including cost estimation per leak and demonstration of the carbon footprint reduction.

U E Systems Europe B.V
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NL-7609 NN The Netherlands

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